Dirty Lyxx

by Dirty Lyxx

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Powerhouse debut EP by Boston Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band with an 80's Vibe


released January 1, 2016

Lily Vásquez - Vocals
Alika Madis - Guitars, backup vocals
Stephen Baker - Bass, backup vocals
Dan Whitelock - Drums, backup Vocals



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Dirty Lyxx Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Hold Tight
A hellhound on wheels breathing out a cone of fire
Demon of speed, on a metal stead
Devil’s spawn of Hell’s desire
A siren screaming in the night
Roaring thunder at the speed of light
Hearts of iron beating on a funeral pyre

Slip your arms, around my waist
Feel the world blow in your embrace
No remorse, no second thoughts
We’ll leave them behind in the smoke and dust

Hold Tight, hold tight
You’re gonna lose your heart and your mind
Hold Tight, hold tight
I'm gonna take you on the ride of your life

Motor ticks, Dirty Lyxx, wheels spinning out of control
And like a metal scythe I cut through the wind and pull
Your eyes reach out to beckon me
I'll be the one to set you free
Seize the moment just to be mine
Track Name: Fanning the Flames
Falling in and falling out
Suppose you don’t give a damn
What can I do to change your mind
About who I really am?
You see the way that I look at you
Then turn and walk away
Am I really just a friend
Or just another game to play?

You know my love is true
So don’t treat me like a fool

Casting all my dreams to the wind
And you’re fanning the flames
Fanning the flames of my heart
Adding fuel to the fire within
And you’re fanning the flames
Fanning the Flames of my heart

You touched me through my dungeon gate
Then let me fall to the ground
All I want is to hold you close
But you don’t want me around
You had your fun at my expense
I should just try to move on
But can I really just pretend
And say that the feeling is gone?

I’m just so tire of your teasing
But for your flesh I will yearn
Take these chains off my heart
Fanning the flames just to watch me burn
Track Name: Hurricane
Ain’t no shelter from his storm
He’s a titan of the raging wind
He’s out to get ya
There’s no escape
And no mercy will be given

When you feel his mighty gust
You can only take so much
One kiss from the wind
You’re breathing him in
And feeling his destructive lust

He’s a...
Back breaker and more
He’s a...
A violator,
rotten to the core

He’s a hurricane
All he knows is love and pain
He’s a hurricane
You’ll feel like you’re going insane

Spinning his claws he’s a heartless beast
Your back’s against the wall
Face his wrath
Don’t beg or plead
Get on your knees and crawl

He’s an...
Earth shaker, Troublemaker,
Back breaker and more
He’s a...
A violator, rotten to the core

Look Out ‘cuz here I come